Are You Programmed for Negativity?

If you believe that your thoughts are “things” and that they create your reality, then you have probably been monitoring your thoughts in an attempt to think and create deliberately.

When I first started paying attention to what thoughts were “popping into my head”, I was shocked!

I consider myself to be a positive, upbeat person, and yet hundreds (or maybe more like thousands) of negative, worrisome, fearful thoughts were jumping into my head every day.  I felt powerless to stop them and wondered how I could ever control them long enough to focus on What I was wanting….  I started thinking that maybe other people could master the law of attraction and be conscious creators, but it simply wasn’t going to work for me.  That is until I learned that we are all actually programmed for Negativity!

It’s not about whether you have the thoughts or not, we all do!  It’s about understanding why you have them, and the amount of attention and focus you give them.

Did you know that there is actually a part of your brain that is designed to scan your environment and point out everything that could possibly be wrong? It’s called the Amigdala, and it’s job is to alert you to possible danger and keep you safe.

Watch the video below, and take a minute to comment and let me know if you have been able to relax and just let those thoughts come and go….

YouTube Preview Image

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