Law of Attraction – It’s Not As Easy As It Sounds

I have often said that “The Life of Your Dreams Is Living Just On The Other Side of Your Thoughts, and You Can Go There Whenever You Are Ready”…..

Sounds wonderful, right?  You Ask- The Universe Answers -and you simply allow the life of your dreams to come pouring in to this reality.   Well, if it truly is that simple, then why aren’t we all living that dream right now??

I believe that it’s because it requires a conscious decision to let go of old thoughts and beliefs,and an on-going, determined effort to begin to choose to look at things differently – at least until we have developed new habits in our reactions and way of thinking.

If you have been studying  the Law of Attraction then you probably know  that it’s your feelings and ultimately your vibration that indicates your alignment with Source.

Once you move yourself into vibrational proximity with what you have asked for, then magic happens.  All of the inspiration and resources that you need begin to appear, and the right action is simply the next logical step.

Some of my coaching clients have said, “Coach Debbie I get this, but what do I do when I feel so surrounded by negativity?”  “How can I get to that place of allowing when I feel surrounded by people and things that continue to pull me back into that “not so good” feeling place?”

This Abe-Hicks video does a wonderful job of explaining the moment by moment choices that we can make when we “react” and have given our attention to the “perceived” negativity around us.

At first it’s very hard to continue to remind ourselves of the truth of who we are and that Being Happy is a choice. But with practice, meditation or quiet time, and seeking out positive, like minded people, it begins to be our new “Re-Action”.

Our vibration begins to rise, and we begin to see REAL evidence and results showing up in our reality.  We get excited about what we are seeing and experiencing, and we become even more determined to continue our practice.

Are you ready to make a decision to take that journey and make that kind of commitment to your dream?  If so, then let’s do it together!  Get out your GPS and let’s program in the place of your dreams.   Your inner guidance will sound just like that nagging voice of the GPS lady telling you to turn left, turn right, and proceed to the highlighted route until you reach your destination…

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